experiencing performance problems at work?

Are you experiencing performance problems at work and do not know why?

Working just like any other important task requires dedication, commitment and focus, however, studies now show that a large part of our society has been facing psychological illnesses that have spread like epidemics and are capable of influencing our income.

Stress, for example, is caused by poorly sleeping nights, poor diet and especially by the lack of dialogue in companies, as we know that our routine is increasingly drawn and we need to do many tasks simultaneously.

We can also cite as a determining factor for the drop in performance at work called “anxiety”.

Whether it’s the goals set or the fear of losing a job, people are increasingly eager to achieve the goals and “show service” to their leaders, and that’s not bad as long as it’s healthy and planned.

But after all, how can I avoid stress and anxiety if I do not have time to do anything but work and take care of my obligations?

An excellent suggestion we can give you is to know the universe of massage therapy and its benefits.

Quick massage for example is a massage that stimulates blood circulation through stimuli made at the sensitive points of our body, this practice is considered fast and effective because it can be performed in about 15 minutes and its result is really amazing.

It is worth checking out the video below to see how it is done to Quick Massage:


Massages in Santo André

Any period of the year is good for traveling, a simple weekend with friends or family, is perfect for fun, and forget about the problems of the day to day. Traveling provides a disconnect from everything that bothers and every minute should be harnessed to the fullest. Who likes to travel, knows that just changing weather, or vegetation, or accent, it improves the mood and mood, travel is to know new cultures, new traditions, new gastronomy. Brazil is a great place to have fun, if you learn, get excited, and fall in love. It concentrates countless natural beauties in all its regions, has a good tourist structure, and its cuisine is one of the most varied and pleasant in the world. One of the most complete and structured states in Brazil is the state of São Paulo, a giant in the Southeast that concentrates the best services in the country, as well as many companies and multinationals, and is fundamental to the national economy. One of the most productive cities in the state is the city of Santo André, which has a very rich infrastructure, and is very close to the capital of São Paulo. The city is full of good services, and all are very accessible. One of the most traditional services of the city, is the massage in Santo André, being practiced for decades by men and women of diverse ages. Those who practice this therapeutic body activity usually suffer from some ill health, since it is applied for various purposes, being very effective in the treatment and prevention of various types of diseases, in addition to being used for physiotherapy treatments, and for mental relaxation and corporal. The massage in Santo André can be found in several clinics very well structured and with great locations, which offer all the main techniques available, always aiming at maintaining the health of its clients. If you are in the city, and want to give all these benefits for this therapeutic body activity, look for a good massage clinic in Santo André, and try any of the techniques offered by this therapeutic body center, all are very relaxing and invigorating.

Massage in Rio de Janeiro

For thousands of years, body activities have been passed on and perfected by the next generations, massage is the most widespread technique practiced all over the world, and today it has a lot of structure and here in Brazil, this therapeutic art is also very well explored, and offers an extensive network of good massage clinics. A Brazilian capital that has invested most in this therapeutic body activity is the city of Rio de Janeiro, known worldwide as an excellent tourist destination. Throughout the city, good massage clinics can be found in Rio de Janeiro, all very well structured and easy to find. The massage clinics in Rio de Janeiro offer dozens of techniques that offer different health benefits. You may want to go to one of the massage clinics in Rio de Janeiro to relax, strengthen, help lose weight, fight some pain, etc. Many of them offer you the choice of shiatsu, oriental, californian, thai, ayurvedic, swedish, balinese massage as well as foot or palmar reflexology, korean relaxation, etc. Some techniques are most sought after by massage clinics in Rio de Janeiro, for example: Classic massage aims at relaxation and not the care of some symptom or disease. It loosens the musculature, but is not thought upon a diagnosis; Lymphatic drainage helps to decrease fluid retained in adipose tissue, but does not lose weight. It is used for treatment of cellulite, olheira and even acne. The technique speeds up and takes the fluid to the right place for the lymphatic capillaries. It is also an important ally in post-operative treatments; Shiatsu is indicated for tension pains, which relaxes and relieves pain; already the quick massage was developed to be quick and relax; The ayurvedic is done with the feet and the professional walks on top of the patient; Reflexology uses the same acupuncture basis to use reflex points to reach an organ. When the person is in a lot of pain in a region, it can be a good choice. There are many techniques offered by massage clinics in Rio de Janeiro, choose yours and enjoy.

Massage in Porto Velho

Brazil is one of the most popular tourist routes for people from all over the world, and all Brazilian regions offer good structures to welcome foreign and domestic visitors. One of the most exotic places in Brazil, is the northern region, which is increasingly investing in ecotourism, and thus, receiving more and more visitors every year. The northern region of Brazil is the main gateway to the world’s largest rainforest, the Amazon Rainforest, and the region is the target of many adventurers, scientists and nature lovers. The state of Rondônia is one of the most structured of this region, and its capital, the city of Porto Velho, is located at the edge of the Madeira River, giving a special charm to the city. A curiosity about the quality of life offered by the city of Porto Velho is that it has one of the lowest rates of unemployment in the country, and one of the highest average wages of the worker in the north, above the national average, attracting many people in search of of a better life. The good services are fundamental to the success of the capital of Rondônia, and one of the most requested by men and women, of different age groups, is the massage in Porto Velho, one of the most structured and active services in this sector, throughout the North region of Brazil. The practice of a good massage in Porto Velho is frequent for people who suffer from the stress of everyday life, being ideal to restore energies, revitalizing the body and mind to continue in the daily routine. Many of its residents and visitors have adopted the massage in Porto Velho as a daily body therapeutic activity, since it relaxes the body, preventing various types of diseases, as well as being extremely fundamental in the treatment of different types of procedures involving physiotherapy. Porto Velho is great for strolling at any time of the year, it has many tourist attractions for all ages, its nightlife is very hectic, and the city offers a lot of culture and good options in gastronomy and leisure, ideal for a family trip, or with friends.

Massage techniques – Myths and truths.

Massages have a lot of their scientifically proven benefits, but is it all true that these practices are involved?

Well, the answer is very difficult, as there are rumors about any subject being debated. However, some techniques of massage and drainage can promise results faster than others to decrease muscle aches or even to lose weight.

The market for massage therapy is constantly growing and has a large number of newly trained professionals that inflates the market, from this there is the marginalization of the profession and the market does not give a truce, so there are professionals who promise results in a short time and we must take care of these promises.

Always look for qualified professionals who have reliable recommendations, do not look for prices but for quality.

Did you know that a poorly made massage can bring severe injuries to the muscles that are stimulated? And this is more common than you can imagine, so always be aware when practicing a massage. The pain is not normal as they usually say and if the place gets sore or purple question the professional who is performing the massage.

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Top 3 massages for beginners

The world of massages can seem very complex and difficult to insert, because it is their intimacy in the hands of a professional.

But is it that all the massages are so complex that they give chills to those who are not so sure with their bodies?

Low self-esteem and anxiety are factors that can harm those who feel like it but do not have the courage to seek out a specialized professional, whether it is to feel pleasure or increase their well-being and health.

But stay calm, that to help you I have separated these 3 techniques to enter the world of massage slowly, okay?

  1. Quick Massage: This technique can be performed in any location, whether within your company, at private parties or even in the middle of a park. Their maneuvers usually last from 10 to 15 minutes and are extremely relaxing.
  2. Shiatsu: This ancient practice uses the pressure applied under the skin to activate points responsible for relaxation, energization and release of tension, is considered one of the most popular massage practices today.
  3. Reiki: It is considered one of the simplest relaxing techniques in the universe of massages and consists of the transmission of energy by the simple imposition of hands in specific positions on the head, chest, abdomen and back.

Tantric massage – reports from my first experience

I was always a very shy person and for more than 30 years had never allowed me to experience anything other than the ordinary sex I did.

However, for some years now I felt the need to know my body completely and with that I decided to allow myself to know different techniques that could make me relax and feel good.

It was at that moment that I scheduled my first tantric massage.

I confess that I was a little tense and anxious, after all my life I had never done anything like that, arriving at the clinic where I had marked the practice I started to feel more relaxed by the climate that was there, the silence and the peace that existed there reassured me completely.

It was then that I met the professional who would apply the technique to me and I started to question how that worked and so I discovered how it would do me good.

Tantric massage seeks to refine the sensitivity of the human body, in addition to expanding the orgasms accused by the stimuli given in practice.

It is obvious that I am not an expert, but after I started practicing it, I have felt better about health and well being, besides being much safer my self-esteem grew in a way that I did not expect.

And you, have you had any experience like this and would you like to share with us? Do not forget to leave your comment below.

Lingam Massage – Pleasure and Satisfaction

Men often find it difficult to find out sexually. If women currently dominate the erotic market, men are starting to allow themselves more in recent years.

But why are men so afraid to allow themselves?

This can be explained because still unfortunately there is a lot of prejudice on this issue, but still good that this machismo is decreasing considerably.

It is obvious that sexual techniques exist from the beginning of humanity, from the most remote societies to the most complex and technological.

Lingam massage is currently at the top of those most sought after by men seeking to discover their body and feel the maximum pleasure they have not yet felt in their lives.

But enough to talk about the past, what is Lingam massage?

Lingam massage is a penile massage of the tantric universe, which makes man have several orgasms and go well beyond ejaculation which is usually the maximum point for men who do not yet know their bodies.

But do not confuse the Lingam massage with a simple masturbation, it activates sensitive points of the bodies and most of its adherents usually say that the practice is capable of providing moments of ecstasy and indescribable pleasure.

Worth checking, right?