Top 3 massages for beginners

The world of massages can seem very complex and difficult to insert, because it is their intimacy in the hands of a professional.

But is it that all the massages are so complex that they give chills to those who are not so sure with their bodies?

Low self-esteem and anxiety are factors that can harm those who feel like it but do not have the courage to seek out a specialized professional, whether it is to feel pleasure or increase their well-being and health.

But stay calm, that to help you I have separated these 3 techniques to enter the world of massage slowly, okay?

  1. Quick Massage: This technique can be performed in any location, whether within your company, at private parties or even in the middle of a park. Their maneuvers usually last from 10 to 15 minutes and are extremely relaxing.
  2. Shiatsu: This ancient practice uses the pressure applied under the skin to activate points responsible for relaxation, energization and release of tension, is considered one of the most popular massage practices today.
  3. Reiki: It is considered one of the simplest relaxing techniques in the universe of massages and consists of the transmission of energy by the simple imposition of hands in specific positions on the head, chest, abdomen and back.

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