Tantric massage – reports from my first experience

I was always a very shy person and for more than 30 years had never allowed me to experience anything other than the ordinary sex I did.

However, for some years now I felt the need to know my body completely and with that I decided to allow myself to know different techniques that could make me relax and feel good.

It was at that moment that I scheduled my first tantric massage.

I confess that I was a little tense and anxious, after all my life I had never done anything like that, arriving at the clinic where I had marked the practice I started to feel more relaxed by the climate that was there, the silence and the peace that existed there reassured me completely.

It was then that I met the professional who would apply the technique to me and I started to question how that worked and so I discovered how it would do me good.

Tantric massage seeks to refine the sensitivity of the human body, in addition to expanding the orgasms accused by the stimuli given in practice.

It is obvious that I am not an expert, but after I started practicing it, I have felt better about health and well being, besides being much safer my self-esteem grew in a way that I did not expect.

And you, have you had any experience like this and would you like to share with us? Do not forget to leave your comment below.

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