Massage techniques – Myths and truths.

Massages have a lot of their scientifically proven benefits, but is it all true that these practices are involved?

Well, the answer is very difficult, as there are rumors about any subject being debated. However, some techniques of massage and drainage can promise results faster than others to decrease muscle aches or even to lose weight.

The market for massage therapy is constantly growing and has a large number of newly trained professionals that inflates the market, from this there is the marginalization of the profession and the market does not give a truce, so there are professionals who promise results in a short time and we must take care of these promises.

Always look for qualified professionals who have reliable recommendations, do not look for prices but for quality.

Did you know that a poorly made massage can bring severe injuries to the muscles that are stimulated? And this is more common than you can imagine, so always be aware when practicing a massage. The pain is not normal as they usually say and if the place gets sore or purple question the professional who is performing the massage.

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