Massage in Rio de Janeiro

For thousands of years, body activities have been passed on and perfected by the next generations, massage is the most widespread technique practiced all over the world, and today it has a lot of structure and here in Brazil, this therapeutic art is also very well explored, and offers an extensive network of good massage clinics. A Brazilian capital that has invested most in this therapeutic body activity is the city of Rio de Janeiro, known worldwide as an excellent tourist destination. Throughout the city, good massage clinics can be found in Rio de Janeiro, all very well structured and easy to find. The massage clinics in Rio de Janeiro offer dozens of techniques that offer different health benefits. You may want to go to one of the massage clinics in Rio de Janeiro to relax, strengthen, help lose weight, fight some pain, etc. Many of them offer you the choice of shiatsu, oriental, californian, thai, ayurvedic, swedish, balinese massage as well as foot or palmar reflexology, korean relaxation, etc. Some techniques are most sought after by massage clinics in Rio de Janeiro, for example: Classic massage aims at relaxation and not the care of some symptom or disease. It loosens the musculature, but is not thought upon a diagnosis; Lymphatic drainage helps to decrease fluid retained in adipose tissue, but does not lose weight. It is used for treatment of cellulite, olheira and even acne. The technique speeds up and takes the fluid to the right place for the lymphatic capillaries. It is also an important ally in post-operative treatments; Shiatsu is indicated for tension pains, which relaxes and relieves pain; already the quick massage was developed to be quick and relax; The ayurvedic is done with the feet and the professional walks on top of the patient; Reflexology uses the same acupuncture basis to use reflex points to reach an organ. When the person is in a lot of pain in a region, it can be a good choice. There are many techniques offered by massage clinics in Rio de Janeiro, choose yours and enjoy.

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